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Lehigh UTAH

Michele Baird puts her sparkleballs on candy cane sticks.


Monica and the mini-sparkleball she made with blue and white prism lights and little condiment cups.

Brooklyn NEW YORK

Frank is the sparkleball grand master. I learned how to make sparkleballs from his craft website born2haunt. Always grateful, Frank.

Little Rock ARKANSAS

John and his family made sparkleballs to raise money for a friend's medical expenses. They set up a sparkleball "factory" on their patio.


Dear Sparkleball Lady,

Hi! I'm sure you would enjoy the giant Christmas lanterns ["parols"] made in the province of Pampanga in the Philippines. The lanterns and your sparkleballs have the same effect on people. All the best to you!

Myra del Rosario,
Rizal, Philippines



Melifiscentgirl took this photo at an event called "Christmas In the Park. "I thought these plastic light balls were clever and unique. When I zoomed in with my camera, I thought they looked interesting and abstract, much different than far away."


Sparkleball and "Cocktail" on in the background.


Three dancing sparkleballs out for Christmas.

Halloween, somewhere

Lisa's Flying Spaghetti Monster Sparkleball employs crepe paper skin and yarn dreads draped over a clear-light sparkleball.

Calgary CANADA

"I found this dixie cup & xmas light DISCO ball when my mom and i moved in with her boyfriend. apparently his 80 year old father makes them. so cute! it's just a bunch of blinky xmas lights and clear dixie cups." - Lizbot

Fredericksburg TEXAS

Julie Roseberry hangs a sparkleball with twinkling porch lights every year. A family tradition. This one was a gift from her niece Pattie, who got it from an office co-worker.





sent from Chicago ILLINOIS

found on the internet and sent in by Elena.


Toronto Canada


hipster sparkleball with lone red bulb inside, courtesy of Stewart on Flickr


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