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Portland MAINE

Erika Lloyd's no-melt sparkleball was a revelation. Eternal thanks for her sharing with us. Erika uses bits of wire with beads to finish off the joints. The Lloyds take their sparkleballs on all their Maine camping trips.


"We made eight of these plastic cup lights last night, making more tonight. We have a neighbor around the corner with ten hung from trees at different levels -- just beautiful. " - Jane Krauss, one of sparkleball.com's early encouragers and maybe the best sparkleball photo ever.


Tingalpa, Brisbane AUSTRALIA

Rob Cox had to make up his own sparkleball pattern because there aren't any 9 oz tumbler-style plastic cups in Australia. His sparkleballs are slightly smaller but use more cups (because their sides are less-slanted than the tumblers). [rollover image]


Ellessu makes her sparkleballs with Chinet Crystal-Cut cups.  She writes, "They're tough to work with but they really emphasize the sparkle. " [Featured on Apartment Therapy.)


Joseph's first sparkleball is made of 200 cups and 350 mini-lights! He writes: "This giant first effort was fun to make and it is presently impressing my neighbors! I love it and I am now a converted Scrooge!"

Williamsburg KENTUCKY

Donna found these green cups at Walmart. Check out her terrific "Christmas Balls" how-to posting on craftster.org


Sheila made the star-like sparkleballs which hang above lighted candles in her church windows every Christmas.

Salem County NEW JERSEY

Cheri buys her cups at Sam's Club. Video of her dancing sparkleball.


Alan customized his sparkleball with gold garland to make it a shooting star.



Randy and Brandon Schimka are a father/son who are famous for the Christmas wonderland they stage at their home every year. These sparkleballs are just a small part of the extravaganza. They are made with 7oz cups and two different strands of lights synchronized to flash to music with light-o-rama controllers.

Hillsboro OREGON

Great sparkleball-making tips from husband and wife team, Jess and Jess, on their website ThriftyFun.



Sparkleball on a camper spotted by Lucy.

Chickasha OKLAHOMA

Photographed at the annual Chickasha Christmas Festival of Lights December 2006 by Roger Edwards. [Insojourn Design and Images]

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