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Hancock County INDIANA

Sherry is making mini-sparkleballs with lights she bought last year on sale to give as gifts this year. She uses hot-glue to connect the cups.



Sparkleballs are proud to be a part of the Schimka family's annual light display, one of the most spectacular in San Diego. The Schimkas -- dad Randy, sons Brandon and Stephen-- work together, designing and building the display. This yearlong project has turned out to be magical therapy for Brandon (above) and Stephen, who have autism. Read more of their story here.


Austin TEXAS

Megan's first sparkleball, which she says has inspired requests from friends and family to make them one too.


Springfield MISSOURI

Emily's entire street is making sparkleball trees this year. Here's her family's sparkleball tree and the one in front of Jason's house, across the street [rollover image.]


New Delhi INDIA

Antzy and his sister made sparkleballs for Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.


New Delhi INDIA

Antzy used 8 oz cups (modifying the basic pattern slightly) and the holepuncher method, attaching the cups with string instead of zipties. [rollover image]



Crestwood ILLINOIS

A pair of sparkleballs from "Orbi-Glow" Tom K, a sparkleballer since 1993. (Sparkleballery may be the #1 craft that appeals equally to men and women.)



Alexandria MINNESOTA

Janet (left) with Teacher Joan (right) show off a finished "Rich's Ball."


Alexandria MINNESOTA

Student Linda (left) with Teacher Joan, who's been making sparkleballs since the early 90's. When friends kept asking how it was done, the classes were born. (The sparkleballs are known locally as "Rich's Balls," in honor of Joan's husband Rich.)


Alexandria MINNESOTA

Janet (left) and Linda on their final exam. They're hotgluing the lights in, to keep them from popping out of the hole in the cup.


Houston TEXAS


Allen Kitchen's light display is made up of 8 sparkleballs built from cups frosted with white enamel, lit by specially-constructed interior lights, and controlled by 36 different programs, Allen's display can produce, he says, an infinite variety of movements and 1 billion different colors. (See how he built it all here.)


November 27, 2010


Jyllian's sparkleheart with LED pink mini-lights.



Tingalpa, Brisbane AUSTRALIA

Every email from Rob Cox brings happy news from Australia AND brilliant sparkleballing tips. To hang his sparkleballs, Rob uses a fishing swivel inserted into a hole in the top cup. (rollover image).


Tingalpa, Brisbane AUSTRALIA

To help out another reader, Rob sent this photo of how he manages the hookups for his outdoor lights. Although the power strips and plugs are Australian, this gives an idea of how you might manage hanging an outdoor tree full of sparkleballs.




Terry Kull's work on sale at a consignment shop. Instructions for his Godzilla sparkleball here.



Yigo, GUAM

From Krispy; spotted on her travels.



This is sparkleball's kissing cousin: "lighted Christmas balls" made from chicken wire and mini-lights. Jonathon and Anne Smith's lightballs are easy enough for a child to make. (Instructions on the Smith's blog.)     (rollover image)

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