m a k e

This is the classic 13" original. The right cup is what makes it work, and stapling is the easiest way to make it.


9 oz soft plastic cups
squatty, tumbler-style
(aka "solo" cup)


mini-lights, any kind

Drill 1/2" hole in cup bottoms.
Or use a soldering iron to melt holes.


Staple 12 cups together. as deep in cup as you can. If this doesn't make a tidy circle, your cups aren't the right size.

A plier stapler makes it easy.


Staple 9 cups together, deep in cups. It's OK if the ring curls up.

Clip the 9-cup ring on top of the 12-cup ring so cup rims touch. Staple together.

Situate 4 cups into the opening. Staple each one to cup under it; then to each other.

Ready to add lights!
Start at plug end and insert two lights per cup. Begin and finish on outside rim.

Lights should fit snugly. If need be, snip holes with scissors.

VIDEO: How to keep lights from slipping out of cups.

When lights are in, make 2nd side.
On 2nd side start from opposite end of cord so lights meet in the middle.

Fit 2 sides together and staple.

Make a hole between 2 cups for a hanger. Reinforce it with extra staples.